Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Taking Relationship Break After 3 Years

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have decided for taking a breather on their relationship after dating over 3 years, multiple sources ensure to Us Weekly.

The Amazing Spider-Man costars, who're currently on a break, haven’t been photographed with each other since photobombing a fan while at dinner within New York City this past January.

"They was fighting a lot and they also hadn't seen each other. They have both been working however they weren’t getting along,” one particular source informs Us of the probable soon-to-be exes.

Garfield, for his part, has been hectic filming Martin Scorsese’s flick Silence inside Taiwan while Stone has been gracing the particular Broadway stage in Cabaret inside New York City.

“He’s very within his character, ” another insider informs Us of Garfield, who plays a Jesuit clergyman in Scorsese’s film. “He's dropped weight, and he's within a dark place mentally for his performance and also he's not boyfriend material right now. ”

This couple ignited rumors of the split after Stone, who had been nominated for an Oscar on her role in Birdman, appeared at many award shows earlier this season sans Garfield.

Source:: This atop story is based on materials provided by the Us Weekly and image credit Yahoo News.


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